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Sabtu, 03 Juni 2017

Ways to Make Skin Smooth and Smooth

Beautiful white, smooth and clean skin is perfect for women's skin. All women want it. However, due to expensive skin care in beauty salons or in a specialist dermatologist, thus making women who want smooth smooth and soft skin is no longer a dream. Though so many ways of cheap skin care can you apply at home

Soft and Smooth Soft Skin

Here are 7 ways to make soft skin soft that you can apply at home

1. Using Ice cubes

Ice cubes have cool and cooling properties, this one is also very simple, just wrap the ice cubes with a clean cloth or cotton, then you can rub gently and gently to the whole face.

The function of this treatment is to help you to tighten the pores of the face naturally. If you are interested in trying these tips every morning.

2. Scrubbing

This scrub function itself is to help the face to meying thinking dead skin cells that accumulate in the face, do regular use of scrubs at least once a week. You can get this scrub from the nearest cosmetic store but remember if you use cosmetic ingredients that are recommended to be safe to use, if you are still worried about the harmful content of cosmetics, you can make your own home scrub by mixing salt with olive oil. Scrubbing the makasimal will help you smooth the skin.

3. Using White Eggs

The use of egg whites as a beauty ingredient is already no doubt. Maybe you've found many articles about the utilization of egg whites. The content of egg whites is able to tighten the skin. Egg whites are also able to absorb excess oil on the skin. In addition, egg whites are also very effective to disguise pores that look great, this is because the benefits that can tighten the skin so that the pores that looked great can be disguised and looks smaller.
How to apply egg whites:
Prepare an egg (especially chicken egg)
Then separate the egg yolk from the white, just take the whites.
Mix the egg white that has been separated with yellow with a little pure honey (1 teaspoon).
Stir the two ingredients until smooth and change shape to cream.
Apply a cream of egg white mixture with olive oil before it is evenly distributed.
Do not wash it first (wait until the mask dries).
The last step to rinse or wash your face using cold water.

4. Tomato Fruit

Tomato fruit is one of the fruits that contain potassium and vitamin C is good for maintaining and maintaining the beauty of body skin and make the skin soft. Are you interested in facial treatments with tomatoes? If it is. Try to find organic tomatoes so that the results are more optimal.
As for how to apply it:
Prepare about 2 pieces of fresh organic tomatoes
Then cut the tomatoes you have prepared, and add enough water.
Blend the tomatoes with Blender.
After a smooth lift and apply to the area of ​​your face evenly (thin penolesannya only).
Leave the tomato mask on the face attached for about 15-20 minutes
Rinse your face with clean water.
Tap-paduk face with a soft towel to dry.

5. Using lime

How to apply:
Wash face first (Clean face of dirt first).
Prepare a lime
Then cut into lime, thin round pieces. Paste the slices of the lime to the face until the face is covered by lime slices.
Wait and let the lime wedge stick to approximately 15-20 minutes.
Wash your face with warm water and dry your face with a soft towel.

6. Mixed ingredients between honey, Sugar and Olive Oil

This is a very effective recipe. Mix honey, sugar, and olive oil is very efficacious to mejadikan face smooth
How to apply:
Mix equally between olive oil, sugar, and pure honey about 1 teaspoon.
Stir all ingredients that have been mixed until blended and turned into cream.
Apply cream earlier to the face thinly and evenly
Press faces and massage gently with the twist rules.
After finish massaging let the mask stick past about 10 minutes.
Rinse face using cold water and dry it

7. Cucumber Fruit mixed with Apples

Benefits Cucumber has been highly trusted from antiquity to beauty
How to apply:
Prepare a cucumber and fresh apples
Blend these two ingredients until they are completely destroyed and smooth.
Apply a mashed material to the area of ​​your face evenly and thinly.
Do not wash the mask down wait 15 minutes.
Rinse face using cold water until clean.

Well that's a little way to shrink pores naturally, choose the way that you think easy to practice at home each.
Thus some of the latest tips on how to make soft skin smooth smooth. Hopefully Helpful, If There are any traces you may wish to convey, please write down the comment column