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Jumat, 02 Juni 2017

The Most Powerful Natural Eye Drugs And Without Side Effects

Actually quite a lot of natural remedies that can be used, from lemongrass leaves, warm water, and so forth. In addition to cheap but also proven able to treat eye pain when still beginning to feel the eye pain, but if it has not improved after taking natural treatments, it is highly recommended to check with an ophthalmologist.

Many causes until your eyes become sick, and the effects are also various kinds such as red eyes, belekan, swelling, until very difficult to see or blur when seeing something. And when you just feel the symptoms like itching in your eyes, it's the first aid that is powerful enough to use natural ingredients.

Recognize the causes, symptoms, and types of sore eyes

1. Eye pain due to irritation
The most often we experience is an eye pain due to irritation, can dikarena by various things such as flickering, because traveling far using motor vehicles. A very common sign is the presence of a slightly viscous liquid that comes out of the eye.

Actually for eye irritation such as eye irritation you can just let it and later usually be healed in a few days, but it would be better if you anticipate with the eye medicine naturally, to prevent pain and also as one of the efforts for healing.

2. Eye pain due to bacteria
One of the eye pain you may not be able to take for granted like an eye sore caused by bacteria. Symptoms are usually itching and also too much fluid coming out of the eye. If natural eye pain medication is still not immature, then you should rush to an ophthalmologist. Because eye pain caused by bacteria can be very vulnerable.

Symptoms that look like the discharge of fluid from a white eye to a viscous liquid that is slightly yellowish color. And usually later will culminate with belekan, and certainly this will greatly disrupt your activities. Usually marked when you wake up your eyes will be a little hard to open.

3. Eye pain due to allergies
If you have eyes that may be somewhat sensitive, chances are you will often experience this type of eye pain. Usually caused by a variety of things that actually you are very allergic to it, such as from food to dust or pet dander.

Types of eye pain caused by allergies can heal in the near future but sometimes also very long. It would be better if you use natural eye sore medication to relieve your eye pain at the beginning.

Allergic eye pain is not one of the infectious eye pain usually characterized by the color of a red eyeball, or even itching in the eyes and around the eyes.

4. Eye pain due to virus
One type of infectious eye pain is an eye sore caused by a virus. And one of the eye pain due to this virus, usually will emit clear liquid in the eye, but different when compared with eye pain due to bacteria.

You can use a variety of natural eye pain medications to heal and prevent your eye pain getting worse. And not infrequently the eye sore because this virus can heal by itself in a few days, but prevention with natural eye pain medicine will be much better.

Garlic as a natural eye sore remedy
Garlic does have many benefits other than as a spice to taste the taste of food, but also you use as a therapy material for eye pain. And garlic itself has been used long enough to treat sore eyes while still feeling pain.

There are several stages when going to use garlic as a natural eye sore, but quite easy to use it as an eye sore. The first you can wash the garlic first to be clean and dry. You can use a clean cloth or can also use like a tissue that is really clean.

After you dry and also you clean. Now cut at the end of the garlic or you can also split into two parts. Then you apply the inside of garlic to your eyelid area. Avoid too strong an emphasis when applying garlic to your eyelids.

After you apply a few seconds wait and you will feel a little sore on your eyes to remove water or liquid from your eyes. You can dry your tears by using a soft tissue. Then again you apply again until 2 times spread, do not be too much enough 2 times spread on your eyelids alone is enough.

Eye sore medication with garlic is enough efficacious to treat eye pain due to irritation, your eyes are reddish, and also sore eyes like belekan. And you can use garlic as an eye sore drug 2 to 3 times a day.

Natural eye sore with cucumber
Maybe you've seen when or maybe very often you use it when visiting a spa or beauty salon. They often use cucumbers to refresh their eyes while in beauty treatments, and indeed your eyes will look brighter.

Not only as a beauty treatment course, cucumber can also be a natural eye sore. Cucumber is used to reduce pain in the eyes, can be due to irritation, belekan, until the eyes swollen.

The trick is quite easy just you slice a thin cucumber and then you put it in your eyes in a closed state. In this way your eye pain will lessen the pain, and the bacteria in your eyes will eventually die, because the cucumber itself contains anti-bacterial.

In addition to being a natural remedy for eye pain and also as a beauty treatment for your eyes more fresh, cucumber can also reduce your thick eye bags may be due to lack of sleep or fatigue. By using a cucumber of your eye bags will be more reduced and also look more fresh in the area around your eyes.

The medicine for sore eyes with rose water
Roses themselves are very beautiful when viewed with a variety of colors, but not just limited to it alone, roses can also be used as a natural eye sore remedy that is enough potent to relieve pain in the eye.

The trick is also very simple, you just enter the roses into the clean water. Much better if you use clean water like from drinking water like aqua. Because it prevents the presence of bacteria or viruses in water.

Soak in a few minutes roses that have been put into a glass of water, then you can grab the roses you have soaked, and use the rose water by putting your eyes in the rose water. You can do this by flashing a little in the rose water.

Do it over and over again for your right and left eyes. You can do it for a few minutes not too long. And you can use it 3 times a day to heal your sore eye.

Eye pain medication with roses you can use when you experience eye pain such as red eyes, swollen eyes, irritation eyes, and eye pain due to allergies.

Eye sore medicine with betel leaf
Betel leaf is very famous for rich benefits as one part of herbal medicine for various diseases. And one can as a sore eye medicine. And how to use it is also very easy and certainly also quite easy to get it.

First we can wash first betel leaf to clean enough just a few sheets of betel leaves only 2 to 3 sheets. Once clean you can boil it with water, try to use water aqua let me cleaner.

Boil betel leaves with aqua water to boiling, when it boils you lift then you cool water boiled betel leaf. If the cooking water is cold you strain and take the betel leaf and just leave the water boiled betel water earlier.

Then you can use boiled water betel leaf was just by dripping on the eyes sepert eye drops, or you can also soak the eyes of amu in boiled water betel leaves, and also you can apply in the area of ​​your eyes.

Boil water betel leaf can be as a sore eye medicine such as red eyes, eyes belekan, eyes exposed to viruses and bacteria. Do not be too excessive use of betel leaf water to treat your sore eye. Just 3 times a day can make your eyes healed.

Eye sore medication with eye drops
The ultimate solution when the eye pain medicines from these natural ingredients do not cure your eye pain, the last alternative is to use eye drops. But it would be better to use the heral first before the drugs containing chemicals.

Indeed, eye drops greatly relieve eye pain that we feel but do not overuse eye drops because it can harm the health of your eyes. Perhaps only occasionally use eye drops to treat red eyes, itchy eyes, eyes, eyes irritation, to eye pain due to bacteria and viruses.

It would be better if you use eye drops in accordance with prescription and eye doctor's instructions, and really follow the instructions for using the medicine. Because if it is not dangerous in our own eyes, such as visual disturbances, inflammation, until blindness can happen if too much use.

Choose an eye medication in accordance with a doctor's prescription, and avoid eye medicines containing antibiotics, corticosteroids or bleach which is not cure but harm our eye health.

Much wiser we are more trying to prevent the occurrence of eye pain. We can start with a healthy lifestyle, such as eating fruits and vegetables that have a higher content of Vitamin A.

And choose the makaanan that really provide health for the whole body of our body, because with a healthy diet will provide a lot of nutrients to our body, and also will build the immune system for our bodies.

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